Derrick Boyd Product Designer
Signed In Dashboard UI Design

Case Study University Hospitals Account Dashboard

At UH we found that there were many different touchpoints for our patients. There was also not a way to see everything going on with their interactions with the organization all in one place. To simplify everything for them we decide to create an account dashboard where they could add and update account information, schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments with their preferred provider as well as see past appointment info. Users could also do things like find relevant locations, get indoor directions and get reminders for needed care. All this would improver their experience and make all this information available to them at a glance.

  • My Role

    UI/UX, Information Architecture, Wireframes, High-fidelity Designs, Prototypes, User Testing & Analysis, Front-end Development

  • Who I Worked With

    Project Manager, Front-End Developer, IT/Back-End Developers, Researchers

Information Architecture

I took a look at our current version of our app and the functionality already available. We knew that we wanted everything to feel more unified than it currently did and that it wouldn’t be ideal to just appendage this new feature set. We didn’t want to fully redesign every feature of the app though, so I took a stab at how we could reorganize the information architecture of everything to create a more whole experience.


To begin I did rough sketches of the main chunks of functionality to get an idea of what all we were trying to do. I had the various pieces on cut-up sheets of paper that I could move around and swap in and out different types of information.

Dashboard Sketches

Discovery & Research

We looked through a lot of account dashboard examples on every website and app we could find. We wanted to discover what commonalities there were in the ways specific types of information was treated. Then our learnings were applied to our layouts where it made sense.
Account dashboard research

High Fidelity Designs & Prototypes

High fidelity ui design Tiles to display pertinentinformation

User Testing

The Digital and Research teams collaborated on some user testing of the new account dashboard. We wanted make sure the main functions were easy to use and users were able to find things as was expected. UserZoom was our main tool for this part of the project. I assisted with coming up with scenarios, I made sure our clickable XD prototypes would work for carrying out these tasks, reviewed and assessed videos of tests and created a document for presenting our findings.

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