Derrick Boyd Product Designer
Cleveland Clinic Web Appointment Form

Case Study Cleveland Clinic Web Appointment Form

This project was started because of a low 3% conversion rate on our appointment form. The process for the original form was drawn out with an excessive amount of fields. With the new form we drastically decreased the amount of fields that needed to be filled out as well as redesigning it from the bottom up. A lot more iconography was used on things like buttons and a progress bar. All this added up to a much more user friendly form in the end. During the first month of our soft launch the conversion rate increased to around 26%.

  • My Role

    Senior UI Designer

  • Who I Worked With

    Art direction (Harnett Chidede), Senior UI Designer (Chance Bainkman-Sole), Front-end Developer (Zavomomir), Rachel Krage (UX), Writers

Form components


Form fields



Progress bar

Progress Bar


PrototypingThere was extensive prototyping done in this project. This view is of a flow that allows the user to review all of their entries before submitting and displays what the experience would be like if the form fails to submit correctly.

High-fidelity designs

High-fidelity designs

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